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Regional Work Visa Extension

Does the work at Labour Solutions count for my visa?

Yes it does.

How long do I have to work to get it?

88 days. The government requires that we only count the actual number of days that you work, so for example, if you take a sick day or a holiday, it does not count towards your total visa days. Also, if there is no work for you on a given day, it cannot be included in your number of days worked.

Do weekends count for my visa?

Not unless you actually work that day.

Do I have to work a minimum number of hours each day?

For the purposes of your Visa there is no minimum number of hours.

Labour Solutions Requirements for Work

How do I register for work at Labour Solutions?

For full registrations you are required to visit our office to complete your paperwork with following the documentation:

  • Passport
  • Tax file Number
  • Bank Details
  • Superannuation (If applicable)


  • Contracts can vary from 2- 3 months.
  • A valid working holiday visa is required.
  • You must currently be living in Margaret River.

Do I need a car?

No, but it is preferable.

Can I register for a job over the phone?

Unfortunately not, we'd like to meet you in person. You can fill out a pre-registration form however and we'll get in touch.


Seasonal Work Dates

Mid-season applications are welcome as we have work almost all year round.

Below are our busiest periods for work:

  • Harvest: Early to mid February – mid to late April.
  • Pruning: Mid June – early September.
  • Canopy Management: September – December.

(Please note these are approximate dates.)


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