Labour Hire

When Labour Solutions first opened its doors back in 2004 we initially specialised solely in contract labour hire. Since then the company has grown to incorporate nearly every single aspect of the grape-growing process into its portfolio. However, the supply of vineyard staff to local wineries still retains a significant place within the organization.

We take enormous pride in our workforce and are delighted to see the same faces returning year after year. We use both local and international personnel to staff our teams. After so many years we have developed the selection and training of new workers into a fine art. You can be certain that when our workers arrive at your vineyard they will be trained and ready to professionally complete the task at hand.

Induction & Training

Each of our workers goes through a comprehensive induction phase designed to educate them on their responsibilities to the client and ensure that safe working practices are maintained at all times.

Worker training takes places at the Labour Solutions office and also on-site under the guidance of our highly-qualified supervisors. All of our workers arrive at your property with the right equipment and tools to carry out the scheduled tasks.

Supervised Teams

Crews of 10-12 contract workers are accompanied by a supervisor who provides additional training to the workers as well as monitoring their performance to ensure that the activity is completed to a high standard.

Supervisors are experienced permanent staff who have been with us a number of years and proven themselves to be effective personnel managers.

Tasks Covered

  • Planting
  • Wire dropping & lifting
  • Vine training
  • Bird netting
  • Wrapping canes
  • Dropping fruit
  • Cane or spur pruning
  • Picking & harvesting
  • Shoot thinning
  • Weeding
  • Leaf plucking
  • De-budding
  • Bunch thinning
  • Re-working of vines
  • Trellis & irrigation installation

Candidate Support

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