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Labour Solutions is an established one-stop provider for all a vineyard’s labour and machinery needs.

We specialise in all facets of the wine-growing process, with the ability to assist our clients in every task from preparing the property for planting right up to the point the picked fruit is handed over to the winemaker. We can even assist with redeveloping or dismantling a vineyard.

Regardless of the size of the vineyard, the involvement of Labour Solutions can be as small or as great as the client requires.

Certainty of Costs

Our detailed quoting system outlines cost per vine or per activity, freeing your focus from paperwork to the vines themselves.

Our worker bill rate is all-inclusive with no hidden extras:

  • 9.5% superannuation
  • Workers compensation in the event of a worker injuring themselves
  • Public Liability Insurance to 10 million
  • Payroll tax
  • Casual loading
  • Administration costs

Certainty of Standard

We choose our teams based on their suitability to the work at hand and their proven efficiency in the field.

Throughout the course of an activity we make sure to maintain clear lines of communication between office, supervisor and client so that everyone involved is fully briefed. All of our workers and supervisors meet at our Margaret River office each day before departing for their respective worksites. This ensures that our teams arrive together on time, without delays and ready to start the task at hand.

Workforce Scalability

We can coordinate your labour and machinery needs so that there are no wastages of manpower or issues completing a particular project by its deadline. Be it one person for a day or a staff of fifty for an extended period, Labour Solutions can step in to form as much of your overall workforce as you require.


The savings associated with using contract labour hire not only apply to employment costs but also to time efficiencies. By engaging the services of a labour-hire company you will significantly reduce the time previously expended on organising, training and coordinating staff, while also reducing your administrative obligations. In short, delegating one or more of your vineyard’s activities to us will allow you to focus on your core operations.

Tailored Programs

Utilising the resources of our labour and machinery companies we are able to tailor a vineyard’s fruit to meet the wine specifications of each of our clients, while also providing unparalleled cost & time efficiencies for your vineyard.


“Cape Mentelle’s long-standing relationship with Labour Solutions has assisted us immeasurably in meeting our demanding goals of high quality and efficiency. They are meticulous, impressively organised, reliable and always prepared to do what is required to successfully complete the task within time and budget. They afford us a level of productivity and quality that cannot be matched by any other labour hire company.’
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