Technical Services

In addition to our provision of labour and machinery, Labour Solutions also offers a number of technical services:

  • Independent viticultural reports
  • Planning & development
  • Viticultural suitability reports
  • Spray program development
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Fertiliser requirements
  • Soil sampling
  • Yield estimations

Let our experienced and highly-qualified team of technical staff assist you in creating a more productive and profitable vineyard. They offer independent advice on all viticultural matters from pre-purchase assessments to planting to harvesting to vineyard removal. They are also well positioned to offer comprehensive expert advice on long-term sustainability and viticultural best-practice. Their network of local contacts can be utilised for your benefit in such areas as grape sales.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Services

We also offer a highly specialised IPM service with regard to the following:

  • Pest & disease incidence severity reports
  • Petiole samples
  • Soil sampling & analysis
  • Bud dissection
  • Vine performance records

Candidate Support

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