KLIMA Pruning System

The KLIMA is a specialised cane pruning technology which drastically reduces costs without sacrificing quality.

Bank The Benefits:

Labour Solutions is one of only two companies in Western Australia who own a KLIMA machine. The machine has been used successfully on a number of sites since 2010, helping to reduce overall vineyard costs while maintaining the same quality as hand pruning. Our experience with the machine has been that it is very robust and efficient, with virtually zero downtime.

Your Cane Pruning Solution:

The KLIMA is suitable for all cane pruned varieties and trellis systems. The process requires the cordon wire to be moveable and Labour Solutions can assist with the simple conversion of your trellis clip system.

If you need to convert your site from spur to cane pruning, Labour Solutions provides the hydraulic loppers and crew required to get the job done.

The Key Benefits:

  • Has the potential to reduce your pruning costs by up to 50%.
  • Reduces pruning time and increases productivity of skilled labour.
  • Provides greater control over pruning, at the same time increasing productivity.
  • Less machinery passes reduces soil compaction.


"Converting to this system was definitely worth it. We now have 47ha’s converted from 12 year old VSP to canes. We’re already seeing the rewards with better fruit quality, less disease pressure and increased yields. This system is a leap forward for the 21st century."

Todd Glover - Vineyard Manager, MRW Vineyards

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