Second Generation KLIMA

Regardless of terrain, row size and trellis condition, the Gen 2 KLIMA is effective in almost any vineyard.

The GEN 2 KLIMA is designed to significantly reduce pruning costs over a 3-4 year period by undertaking a pruning rotation system. This would entail cane pruning in year 1 followed by cost effective spur pruning for years 2 & 3, at which point the cycle would start again with one season of cane pruning. The GEN 2 KLIMA will effortlessly mulch 2 to 3 year old cordons.

The benefit of regularly renewing your cordons will result in yields which are not only higher but that consistently produce fruit of a superior quality.

The Key Benefits:

  • Can effortlessly mulch 2-3 year old cordons
  • Effective in older vineyards with loose and aging wires
  • Signifi cantly reduces stress and breakages on trellising
  • Reduces site-prep time
  • Ability to operate in narrow rows
  • Effective in vineyards with undulating terrain
  • Creates small and consistent organic mulch for speedy breakdown

Labour Solutions is the only company who own both the Generation 1 & 2 KLIMA. This offers our clients complete reliability.

Labour Solutions has been using the Gen 1 KLIMA for the past four years and it has proven itself over this time to be a high quality, cost effective pruning system.

The security offered by having the Gen 1 as backup means Labour Solutions will always be in a position to meet it’s commitments within whatever time-frame is required.

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